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Seussy Boat Class

Would you like to learn how to paint a collage style "Seussy Boat"? 

If so, then you've come to the right place!

Collage is something I'm super passionate about these days and I'm having fun trying all sorts of things with it.


The Seussy Boat (top right) was the creation that appeared when I was painting with a friend of mine. It made me SO happy when I was done that I thought this might be something other folks, like YOU, might like to paint too. We use different papers and paints as well as napkins, gold or copper leaf and ink.

Do you want to come on a Seussy Boat painting adventure with me? Click the sign up button to the right and I will put you on the waiting list.

This class is 3.5 hours long and is $65 which includes all supplies needed for your Seussy Boat. Tea and coffee and super fun atmosphere at SuperArtGirl studio, provided.

Classes are held in my studio here in MulberryLand.

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