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Cartoon your Cat Class

Is your cat a Character??

Mine certainly are and they have definitely made plenty of appearances in my artwork. 

In this class you will paint a cartoon version of your own cat (or cats). You will first work on a doodle version of your pet using their colors and markings as a guide and then put them in a fun outfit with a shirt, or shirt and tie, sweater... whatever you decide! 

You also have the option of making some thought bubbles for your painting that we will do on card stock and use removable glue dots so we can interchange different thought bubbles. 

I have ones for my cats that say "Sorry I barfed on the carpet", "Where's my breakfast?", "Can I go outside now?". Whatever fits your furry friend. These are super fun to change out. 

This class will be 2-3 hours long and is $65.

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