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Clay Bugs Class

Would you like to learn how to use two part clay and make a whimsical bug?

I have been playing more and more with two part clay and I am really loving it! It is fun to work with. 

For this class we will be making a silly bug. We can use wire and different papers for embellishments like wings or body textures. Little pom poms for antenna. 

This is a 2 day class and each class is between 2-3 hours. The clay will need a day to dry before we can paint our bugs. In the first class we will focus on designing our bug and molding them with the clay. We will also be painting the jar platform. Second class is painting and embellishments and then of course at the end,....naming our bug!!

Class cost is $95

(2 classes 2-3 hours each)

Click here to sign up --->

Two more new clay classes Coming Soon!!! 

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