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New Art Studio (Before & After)

The area under our guest house has always been a rather rough workshop area. I mean, the walls were painted a funky “asparagus” green andTheBoy made some pretty awesome work benches years back, but that was the extent of its styling.

…Until now!

I really was jonesing to fix it up and make it a fun studio space. Make one side dedicated to wood working still (because the hubby is oh-so-good at building me things!) but the other could be dedicated to art making. So that is what I did!

Here are some before photos so you get the idea of how messy it was…

I had started moving art supplies in here when it was still an unorganized mess but I find it really hard to work in clutter and chaos.

Here is the wood working side. The chop saw got moved around and so did the benches.

I kept the green (because who doesn’t love asparagus?) but also added a bright turquoise blue feature wall and used it as accents on the closet door and the peg boards.

No space of mine is complete without a small tribute to Dr.Seuss… so I painted the Lorax and the Once-ler as well.

And here are the AFTER shots! I love it in there now. The chalkboard frame to write quotes on or welcome friends, the little wooden signs and cut out stars, my chalkboard cat. Feels more inspiring.

And here is the Once-ler all done. He’s always peeking at what we’re doing!

I just love having the Lorax in here. He not only speaks for the trees, he speaks for creativity too

Chalk board kitty! I found the cardboard cut out of my passed kitty named Mikey when I was cleaning up the space and I wasn’t ready to throw it away. We have a cut out of him in our laundry room door that our kitties use to walk through to go into their kitty litter area but I wanted him in this space too. So I made him a chalkboard! I thought it would be fun to change it up every now and then or have friends that come by decorate him.

Speaking of friends….I was happy to have My Imaginary Friend join me for some creative time to help break in the new space shortly after I was done.

This was the first piece of art that was created by me, in the fun new surroundings…

And it wouldn’t be totally complete without a SuperArtGirl studio sign, would it?

So there you have it, my new creative studio space!

I’d love to start hosting some creative classes here soon. Making art is fun, making art with others is SUPER FUN! That’s my plan, as well as being a busy little artist creating lots of joyful art in here.

Thanks for joining me on this tour! Please leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite part is of this new space. I’d love to know

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