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A Pure Process Adventure - Part 1

I used to be pretty proud to share that I was a self taught artist, having never taken an art class….

…until I realized what a detriment this was to my growth and creativity!

Lisa Kirk is a beloved artist friend of mine. I’ve done a few group shows with her in the past and always loved the spunky but gentle energy she brought to the room. And her art… always so adventurous. You can tell she is in the flow and is so great at allowing what needs to come through, come. She isn’t afraid of it. How could I not admire this and want to experience this for myself?

Having attended an open house art show of hers last year I put my name on her mailing list. Shortly after that an email announcing a Pure Process Painting classbased on Caroline Myss Archetypes was announced and staring at me from my inbox. I was intrigued! I needed to know more! So I called Lisa and we had a lovely chat. At the end of the conversation she told me to think about it and give her a call if I wanted to join the class.

I said, no, if I had time to sit and think about it I’d probably come up with every reason or excuse I could as to why I shouldn’t take it, so I wanted to sign up right then and there. Even though the thought of the class scared me I felt like this was something I needed to explore.

So last fall, for 11 weeks… I did. A lot of exploring.

The first few classes my stomach huuuurt. It felt totally out of the box for me but I knew deep down it was so important to be there. And what an amazing group of women to spend every Wednesday evening with. I learned so much about myself, but also about them, and how it feels to be part of a community like that.

The class started off with a check in. Usually Lisa would ask us what color we were feeling, or if we were a shape or a sound, what would we be. Then she would tell us what archetype we were working with that evening and read us a description and then she’d lead us through a short visualization where we would meet our archetype and then we’d paint her! Sometimes another person in the class would trace me, in a pose I saw my archetype in. Other times the image that popped into my head was something that couldn’t be traced by another person.

Every single class I was SO amazed at what came out. Usually when I paint I dream up something or get a cooky idea and put it on paper and if I like it, then I’d transfer the idea to canvas. To have something flow out in the moment, and bring it to full color life… was new to me. AND EXCITING! Sometimes during the visualization I could see very clearly this archetype. Other times I couldn’t and it was a surprise what ended up on the paper. Some of the archetypes I couldn’t relate to at all, others I knew and felt were a very big part of me.

Painting around other people was super new to me (and a bit nerve wracking) as well. But in that environment, everyone is so focused on their own work that it’s a huge surprise to look around the room at the end and see all the creativity that flowed out of everyone. At the end of every Wednesday evening it was likeCreativity Christmas!

Would you like to meet some of my archetypes?

Here’s a few….

This is my Spiritual Seeker. Isn’t she sweet? She is definitely someone I am familiar with. I love how she isn’t afraid to explore everything there is to do with Spirituality and pick and choose the things that resonate the most with her.

Ok now don’t laugh (ok you can laugh a little)… this, this is my Athlete.
Her name is “Hairiot”. I don’t consider myself an athlete at all, so it was so funny and so fitting that this funny little clown came out. Hairiot believes that you should only move your body in ways that is FUN for you. Just because all your friends are out running doesn’t mean you have to run as well if the thought of it makes you cringe, it’s probably not right for you!
This is my Queen Archetype.
I had a very hard time relating to her with all her bossing and ruling that she does. But I totally admire her confidence and decision making abilities.

I have a few more I’d love to share with you, but I think that I will save those for a future post.

My Visionary, The Intellect, and the Fashionista!

This class certainly set me on a new path with my artwork. It awoke a new curiosity in me as well as gave me the courage to try new things. Since that class I have signed up for two, year long art classes online. LifeBook 2015 & Year of the Spark.

I am learning so much new stuff I can barely process it all, but it’s so much fun to learn and expand and grow. Adventure is in the new!

Super big LOVE & GRATITUDE to you Lisa. You are an incredible artist & facilitator! xo

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