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Riding Critters in the Mall

Marrying someone who is very easy going and isn't afraid to do something silly in public was a criteria I didn't really think I was looking for ... but by George am I happy that I have that.

Then... finding a gem of a friend that is totally down with random silliness is like hitting the jackpot on life!

So when I saw these giant rideable stuffies at the mall.... I knew who was doing this with me.....

My two Silly Sidekicks!

I honestly felt like a kid riding these. The laughing that went on was of epic proportions.

I am pretty darn sure the people around us were having fun just watching US have fun.

Our joy was contagious!

We called ourselves the Mobile Stuffie Gang

(MSG for short - we make everything taste better!)

I wish I could share with you my fun stuffie riding Instagram videos but darnit I can't link those on here. Instead you just get photos of us having the time of our lives!

That was...... Until our paid time was up...

and we had to bring them back....

Waaaaaaahhhhhh :(

The moral of this blog post was just a reminder to do something fun and silly.

Life is short people!

Don't worry about embarrassing yourself, your age, what other people think or say, the weather, politics, or anything else but doing something that makes you laugh, brings you joy in the present moment with people you love being with.

Even if the only people you like being with is yourself.

There are no rules to joy & happiness. Go grab some of it!

The end.


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