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Our Backyard Art & Garden Show

On Sunday August 27th we hosted a backyard art & garden show here at our home on Mulberry Lane. We had over 150 people come and the weather was gorgeous that day!

I spent weeks preparing new art for this event as well as getting the yard looking lovely. Nico and I moved 12 yards of mulch in a day and a half. That brought us back to our extreme gardening days! Course we are a few years older now :P To say our bodies were sore is kind of an understatement. The hot tub was working overtime for us.

Meanwhile in Union Bay... my dad Steve was busy making some AWESOME new metal creations for the show. I asked him if he had time to make one, you know, just to have something new in the yard. He ended up making EIGHT! Here we are with my favorite, Spicer the Robot. I'm going to put a page together of all his creations up here on to introduce them all to you. So stay tuned for that!

Here is the lovely Breanne who was here helping me clean the studio and get organized. Such a huge help! Thanks Bre! (And yes we're blurry because it was a flurry of activity that day!)

Ahhhhh clean studio!!

Here are all the paintings ready to be hung from the trees...

Some bunny is ready for his close up!

And the day of the show! Open the gates!

It was a steady stream of people that came down the lane. We had the Trill-SEUSS-ium trailer open for people to view as well as MulBerrryLand Guest House.

The art was hung in the trees and it was our own Forest Gallery....

We were also so fortunate to have Donna here with her harp!

I was in the house at the time getting a snack and she had arrived and set up and all of a sudden this gorgeous harp music came swirling in through the open windows. It was almost like you could see the notes dancing on the breeze it was so magical. It really made for such a gorgeous ambiance in the garden! Thank you so much Donna for offering to play for us. What a beautiful treat! I had never seen a harp up close before so it was really cool checking it out. The strings are COLORED! Gotta love that too :)

We also had a rock painting table set up and were so pleased at how many artists took part in this! These rocks are going to go out in the world and bring joy to so many people.

We had so many wonderful visitors come by! It was a fun social event for us.

I want to give an especially big shout out to my bestie Tonia who drove up from Nanaimo with her Giant to be here to lend a hand for the day. She was keeping track of how many people came through, was my cashier, my water girl and my sanity saver! I am super horrible at asking for help (I need to work on this!) so when she offered to come it was such a gift. It's been quite a few years since I've hosted this event so I kinda forgot how hard it is to be in many different places at once! Thanks T! You are my rock, so grateful for you in my world <3

Here's a few snaps of the day. So many lovely friends came to see us that day! My friend Nathalie brought me a pair of earrings that she made that are my new faves! Thanks hun!

My sweet friend from junior high school, Christina, came up with her boyfriend from Victoria for the show. I haven't seen her in years and years so it was so nice to visit with her.

Toby and Janice and Sandy and Esther! My girls! It was so wonderful for them to all come by and they even bought art which I am so touched by.

And so many other wonderful friends, there are too many to list! I love you all for making the time to come by.

Awww looking back on the day just gives me all the feels.

Big warm fuzzy feels!

Thank you to everyone who came to show support for our day.

It means so much!

You are loved and super appreciated!

P.S. If you weren't at the show and are wondering what's the deal with the old style Canada Post Mailbox I am going to make a special post all about it!

P.P.S. If you want to come visit the studio I don't have regular hours but please just contact me and we will set up a time for you to come by.

P.P.P.S. If you are interested in art classes that I will be doing this fall, please sign up for my newsletter here and you will get notified about what will be taught and when :)

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