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30 Day Drawing Challenge

In January I signed up for a 30 Day Drawing challenge put on by the Comox Valley Arts Council. It's the first time I've done a drawing challenge like this and it was such a blast following along and seeing what others were creating on the daily!

I also had just purchased an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and the ProCreate app and really hadn't used it much so I used this as an opportunity to play with my new drawing tools!

This challenge came at a challenging time in my hubby's and my life. His mom was slowing fading away from this world from Dementia. (Side note: if you are going through this with a loved one right now, I feel so hard for you. This was truly one of the hardest things I've been through with a family member.) Day 2 of the challenge I was drawing in the waiting room at the hospital with family. She passed away a few days later :(

People talk about art as therapy, and for healing and I can honestly say it was that for me during this time. It as something to help me get out of my head and it felt good to just create something at the end of an emotional day. An escape. So if you are pushing away creating art because you feel there is too much you're going through, give art a try. Even if you aren't feeling it, smoosh some paint around in a journal or doodle something on the back of an envelope. See how you feel after. Never underestimate the power of art <3

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