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I'm having a backyard art sale and garden show! Please Come!

It's been quite a few years since I hosted a backyard show. In fact I still get calls from people who have come to them in the past asking when the next one will be. So I thought... you know it's time! Let's do another!

We've been working our butts off in the garden and it's looking FAB. And I've been painting a lot recently in the studio so everything is coming together for a fantastic show.

We have 0.6 acres here on Mulberry Lane in Comox. Our garden is pretty fun if I do say so myself. It has different sections and yet they all flow together. My dad is super creative and has made me some new metal sculptures so you have to come out just to see those alone! They are crazy, and fun! You can tour our guest house while you are here so you know where to send those family members next time they are in town ;)

We've also been working on the

Trill-SEUSS-ium trailer so you can check out the progress in person.

Sign up for fall classes, check out the studio, and basically just have a good time! Bring your friends and find a place to chill, have a game of chess on the giant chessboard, paint a joy rock that will get released into the wild and spread joy to a stranger, design your own button and just generally have a fun time!

Hope to see you Sunday August 27th at 1526 Mulberry Lane in Comox

from 10am to 5pm

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