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Mobile Chicken Coop

My dad is a pretty handy guy so when he saw someone's mobile chicken coop for sale he got an idea for building his own.

If you know my dad, he never does anything SMALL. He used a heavy duty metal frame off an old truck, the old wheels from our trailer project and built a pretty swanky tiny house for these soon to be spoiled chickens! 

My job, of course, was paint and decoration. The coop got a two color paint job - blue and teal, and the frame is black. I am thinking it might look cute with green grass painted on it - maybe in the spring! 

I made a sign for above the entrance that says "Last one in is a rotten egg" and cut out letters for "The COOP" which I put up in the peak. I also made a "Butt Nuggets" sign for over the nest boxes and this super cool chicken by the main door.

There is still one blank wall that needs something but I don't know what to put there yet, I'm sure inspiration will come to me.


I can't wait to cuddle some chickens! 

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