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What my fans have to say...

Naomi's creative and whimsical artwork, graphic and web design has branded our organization and event within the community. With the creation of the Farmer for a Day, cut outs and Herd of CVEX animals Naomi continues to astound us with her exceptional talent and ability to tie everything together and tap into our needs - website, marketing material, coloring book pages and even props etc. Always professional and friendly. it is a pleasure working with Naomi. 

~ Therese Schwab 

   Executive Director

   Comox Valley Exhibition

Love my art! They bring joy to me, my office and my clients. They sometimes are the one thing that gets me through some days. When I find myself wondering what I am doing I stare at them. My worries, anger, and sadness disappear. It may sound silly but it's true. I love them more than you will ever know! 

~ Colby Craven

   First Insurance

   Comox Valley BC

Your art instantly makes my living room a happy place. I'm so glad I got it!

~ David Hatchman

   VSP Media

   Nanaimo BC

Patty and I love the original painting of our kitties that Naomi composed for us. She carefully incorporated the unique personality of each of our furry kids to make a one-of-a-kind work of art that means so much to us. As a special treat she included a Photoshop drawing of all our kitties who have passed on - a very touching gift. Naomi's happy style always brings warmth to our hearts and smiles to our faces. Worth every penny!

~ Don Bailey

   Stark Industries

   Colorado USA

Naomi, AKA SuperArtGirl has a sparkle about her that lights up the whole room when she enters it. The magic and joy that she spreads comes shining through in all the work she does. Each of her many pieces has an unusual, and unique 'flavor' but the Radiance and Joy that is Naomi is always present. 

Her work lights up and changes the energy of any room it is in... just like Naomi.

~ Alicia Kent

   Akasha Bloom 

   Comox Valley BC

Naomi's 'Savannah J' helps my patients to drop their shoulders, relax and smile. Its magical and whimsical portrayal of a little boat on a seascape of creatures resonates with the Centre.

~ Dr. Patrick Johnson

   Ocean Chiropractic

   Courtenay BC

Thanks Naomi for the bright spots in our home, and our life, that are there because of the happy whimsy that is your artwork. I love the big-eyed, colourful muLLies on the kids' beds and of course the prints we have too! I can't wait to see what you create next! 

~ Monica Hamilton

   Servus Credit Union

   Sylvan Lake AB

I am in love with Naomi's art! The bright colors and whimsical style add fun and light to my walls. I have over 8 of her original pieces in our home. We really enjoy her personalized pet portraits and inspirational work. The world is a little more cheerful and bright because of Naomi's art.

~ Kim Grahame

   Mommy to James

   Shawnigan Lake BC

A few years ago we commissioned Naomi to paint us a picture of our friend's dog for his birthday. The picture turned our so well we decided to get some done of our two cats, and then eventually our dog. The pictures fully capture their personalities, and are a perfect balance between an accurate depiction and a whimsical cartoon. We couldn't be happier with the end result and are constantly having visitors gush all over them. Thank you so much Naomi, you are one talented gal! 

~ Debbie Wright

   Bayview Chiropractic

   Comox Valley BC

Naomi created a stunning "family portrait" for me of myself with my 3 cats and 2 dogs. We worked together to come up with "staging" and iconic poses for the animals. She perfectly captured each of their personalities in the large painting that I display prominently in my home, and love every time I look at it. I highly recommend working with Naomi -- she is talented, creative, professional and very intuitive.

~ Brenda Jones

   Public Relations Consultant, Nyac Public Relations

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