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Custom Pet Portraits

Anyone who knows me, knows how much

I love my pets! They are part of the family.​

I know I'm not alone in this. You're out there too. 

We spoil them to bits, and we aren't afraid who knows it!

We dress them up, we feed them the best most nutritious foods, we take care of them in every possible way and we get oodles and oodles of unconditional love in return. They make us laugh, they warm up our side of the bed, they protect us, and they make cute photo subjects on our Instagrams. 

We want to honour them, and show them off, and a pet portrait is a fantastic way to do just that. It’s also a wonderful way to capture their personalities to keep forever. If you have friends or family who love their pets as much as you do, a custom art portrait makes a wonderful and unique gift they will never forget.

My 2 Boys...

Charlie & Linus

Linus' pet portrait video  -------->

For both Charlie's portrait (shown here to the right) and Linus' I wanted to include all the things they loved.

I still remember years ago having a friend kitty-sit for us and they were looking at the portrait to figure out all the fun things to entertain Charlie with. How fun is that?

Below are samples of more portraits I have done for others.

Do you have a pet you want to capture in a special work of art?

On a more somber note, a pet portrait also makes a wonderful way to remember a dearly departed pet. If you or someone you love have lost a pet, you know what kind of gap is left behind. A pet portrait is something you will always be able to remember them by.

Contact me to discuss your ideas! 


Prices & Sizes:

12x12 $280

24x30 $550

36x36 $650

Digital prints also available.

Brenda is an amazing pet parent. She wanted a family portrait of her and her 3 kitties and 2 dogs together. Her sweet white kitty Nicky was aging and she wanted to have this done while he was still here. It was fun getting to know about each pet.

Brenda's pet

portrait video  -------->

More Pet Portraits

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