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Bobby Bubblegum Book

I designed, illustrated and published BB.
Story written by Danielle Tiphine.

My buddy Bobby can’t come out to play today. He has to clean up all the sticky goo that got blasted around his room last night when his bubblegum exploded. And it wasn’t even his fault! It was all because of Aunt Girty Girdletight and her mean old cat Priscilla. The two of them just dropped in yesterday surprising everybody, even his parents. And worst of all they came with all their stuff and didn’t even say when they planned to go. Well Bobby sure fixed that. But worst of all, bossy old Aunt Girty tried to make Bobby get rid of all his gum! If you read my story you’ll find out how it was actually mean old Priscilla and her kitty claws that triggered the magic in Bobby’s bubblegum to help him save the day.


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