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Inspirational Doodle Class

Let's doodle some stuff to inspire our hearts!

Have you ever chatted on the phone when and doodled kind of mindlessly on an envelope while talking? We want to tap into that in this class.

Doodling is such a fun thing to do. They say that teaching students to use doodling in class will help them remember more, focus on the topics at hand and generally enjoy the lessons more. So doodling can actually be a learning tool! Who knew?!

We are going to have fun honing in on our doodle style and get loose on scrap paper first and then when we are ready and have our concept in mind, we will go nuts doodling on our wooden canvas using a ball point pen. The pen kind of sinks into the wood canvas a bit which is a nice effect. After our doodles are down we get to work painting it all in! 

These are super fun to do. 

This inspirational doodle class is $65 and will take 3 hours. 

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