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SuperArtGirl Gallery Makeover!

Blender Fish: Uhhh what’s going on??Where did all the paintings go??

I think it’s been about 5 years since we built the little gallery in our backyard. I figured with the upcoming Central Island Studio Tour in May it was time to freshen things up!

WARNING: Browsing on Pinterest can make more work for yourself!

I saw these stripey ceilings on there and knew this is something I *had* to do. I mean, stripes are my thing, why weren’t they already on my ceiling???

Now my gallery is 10′ x10′ with 10 foot walls and the ceiling is over 12 feet. This is not something one can do perched on a ladder. So we rented a scaffold from Home Depot which made it easier and safer. Course it still was a literal pain in our necks!

Here is my awesome hubby measuring to make sure the lines are straight – kinda important!

And all that measuring and taping is thirsty work… Isn’t he cute? And look his beverage matches the scaffold!

Here we are at the halfway mark. Looks pretty messy with the tape.

Ohhh want a good taping tip so the edges don’t bleed? We used FROG tape, and then once we had it up we painted white on the tape edges first (since that was the background color that was already there) — then we painted the black over top. It really helped them come out clean and sharp.

See??? tape is off and the lines are pretty crispy which makes me a happy camper!

This is was the fun part... hanging things back up!

Want to see how things look?

Come on in!....

I love having this cow chaise in here, makes it so cozy.

I also love that I painted one wall turquoise! Gives it such a nice contrast and breaks up all the white.

There you have it. My little gallery spring spruce up!

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