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New pet portrait + VIDEO!

Recently I had the pleasure of painting a family portrait. This lovely lady has 3 sweet kitties and 2 adorable cocker spaniel pooches. Her kitties are getting older and suffer from some health issues so she treated herself to a Mother’s Day painting that included all 6 of them together while they are all still with her.

How special is that?

She was very clear on what she wanted to include in the painting, right down to the poses for each pet which is very iconic to her.

I’m always honoured when someone chooses me and my style of art to represent their family. I had a great time painting this and it was fun to deliver it to her and hang it in her home and see where it will live. It’s in a place where not only visitors will see it right as they enter her home but she will see it many times a day.

If you’ve been thinking of a personalized piece of art, contact me and let’s chat about it!

And if you want to see this painting from start to finish, check out the time lapse video I made of it below. Enjoy!

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