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Adventure down the rabbit hole

I have been CRAVING some creativity time in the studio the last week or so. Even though there were a couple events going on in town that I would have really liked to attend today, I felt that time in the studio was more important for my well being.

(I think I have an addition to slouchy hats

– does that make me a hipster?)

I have been loving Julliette Crane’s happy painting class online. It’s inspired me so much that I’ve taken to these cute little characters. I see a lot more of them in my future. This one is called “Adventure Down the Rabbit Hole” because that’s where I intend to go. No one look for me, I will surface again when I’m ready!

My husband keeps calling this a reindeer and I guess he sort of could be with his dangling red nose but I’m calling it “Deery Me”. I love his dopey eyes and of course his one bent down antler with the red ‘nose’ handing off it. Hmm lets not call it a nose, let’s call it a ball instead.

So that was how my studio time was spent today. I loved it. It reminds me why I love art so much. Creating something from nothing.

I will be staring in awe at these guys for the next few days which is what I tend to do with all my new creations. I get really excited about creating things and like to bask in the glow of my finished pieces.

They make me happy <3

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