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JOY rocks. Take what you need.

I can’t remember where I initially saw this idea first but it was likely while scrolling through Facebook. I just loved the idea. This goes with my word of the year (which is JOY) and my path to seeking and spreading it.

Since yesterday was such a dark and rainy day and I needed to boost my mood I figured it was a great day to get this little rock project finished.

I went to the beach last month and collected a basket of lovely rocks

I washed the salt off them and let them dry in front of the fireplace.

I spread them all out on my coffee table and grabbed my Posca paint pens (which I got off eBay).

I also had a bit of a list of lovely words to get me going and came up with the rest on the fly.

It was really quite therapeutic doing these. Especially knowing that this is art that you will be giving away to perfect strangers. If you haven't done this before you should consider trying it. A lovely gift!

And here they are all finished.

Now I need to head out into the woods behind our house, where there are a bunch of popular trails, and find the best place to put this little inspirational art installation

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